Research Projects

The classical therapeutic scheme for neural cancers, such as Glioblastoma and Neuroblastoma, involved surgery followed with a combination of radio- and chemotherapies. However tumor location and acquired treatment resistance limit the efficacy of these treatments. Novel non-genotoxic therapeutic approaches in combination with actual treatments are currently being explored to improve their efficacy.

On this basis, the PETRI team explores 2 key parameters involved in tumor aggressiveness and relapse, tumoral metabolic adaptation and tumoral microenvironment cooption.
Our research program is organized around four main axis :
1)Impact of microvascular dysfunctions in tumor response to radiotherapy and relapse
2) Reciprocal impact of metabolic adaptation, microenvironment, and radiotherapy in the tumor ecosystem
3) Development of innovative immunotherapeutic strategies through antibody and T-cell engineering
4) Improvement of radiotherapy efficacy through innovative immunotherapeutic approaches

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François Paris, DR INSERM
Claire Pecqueur, DR CNRS

François. Vallette, DR INSERM
Stéphane Birklé, PU
Sophie Fougeray, MCU
Christophe Olivier,
Catherine Gratas, MCU-PH
Céline Salaud, MCU-PH
Lisa Oliver, Autr. Cher.

Sabine Goude , AI
Laetitia Durand, AI
Yannick François, TR
Marine Bourgeois, TR
Maeva Verrasamy, IE

Emmanuel Rio, PH-ICO
Estelle Thébaud, PH-CHU
Sébastien Faraj, MCU-PH

Pierre Paris, PhD Student
Pauline Thomas, PhD Student
Inès El Rifai, PhD Student
Hala Awada, PhD Student
Edouard Samarut, PhD Student
Ophélie Renoult, PhD Student
Théo Désigaux, PhD Student

Main Publications

  • François Paris
  • Nantes-Angers Research Center for Cancer and Integrated Immunology
  • Institut de Recherche en Santé de l'Université de Nantes - 8 quai Moncousu - BP 70721 - 44007 Nantes cedex 1
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